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Medical Bookkeeping Professionals is a well-established medical bookkeeping company providing services to Doctors and Medical Practices Australia wide.

Medical Bookkeeping Professionals is a well-established medical bookkeeping company providing services to Doctors and Medical Practices Australia wide.

About Us

Medical Bookkeeping Professionals specialise in providing services to Doctors and Medical Practices. Tailoring services to suit your needs, we are the perfect fit for any size practice from the newly qualified Fellow to large group medical practices.

We have unique knowledge and experience of XERO and MYOB accounting packages as well as a wide range of medical practice software systems (Genie, Best Practice and many others) which enables us to offer an extensive medical bookkeeping service.

All of our work is carried out by qualified Bookkeepers and BAS Agents. By using our customised and tailored work processes, we can provide systems and solutions best suited to your business requirements.

With more than 30 years bookkeeping knowledge, our management team ensures all work is carried out efficiently and accurately. We work cooperatively with your accountant to make sure that your medical practice has a clear picture of its finances. This helps our clients to make well informed financial decisions and to do active tax planning with their accountants.

Medical Bookkeeping Professionals is MYOB Certified Consultant, XERO Certified Silver Partner and a Registered BAS Agent.

Medical Bookkeeping Professionals main objective is to provide our clients with a high level of service. We understand that the needs of every doctor and every medical practice are different, so our bookkeeping is tailored to your specific business needs.


Stress Reduction

Practice Managers have numerous responsibilities and heavy workloads. This can lead to bookkeeping being an unnecessary burden on their time, especially as most Practice Managers are not formally trained bookkeepers. Reduce the stress on your Practice Manager by having our professional bookkeeping team take over your payroll, bookkeeping and BAS.

Doctor Disbursements

At the end of each month, your Medbookspro bookkeeper will calculate all doctor disbursements as well as the service fees to be paid to the practice. Our in depth understanding of your practice software (Genie, Best Practice, etc) ensures the timeliness and accuracy of your disbursements and service fee calculations.

Income Assurance

Your MedBooksPro bookkeeper will ensure that your income is received by performing all reconciliations including reconciliation of receipts from your practice system with your bank deposits to make sure your medical fees have reached the bank.

Keeping Your Data Safe

All of your bookkeeping work is performed in Australia! None of your bookkeeping work is exposed to the unnecessary risk of sending it offshore!

Personalised Service

Each doctor and medical practice has different needs. As a client of Medbookspro, you will have a 1:1 working relationship with a Medbookspro bookkeeper who performs all work for you and is available to answer questions and provide you with advice.

Payroll Preparation

Your MedBooksPro bookkeeper will prepare your payroll, ensuring the fairwork awards are adhered to. Your Medbookspro bookkeeper will ensure that all of your Superannuation and tax obligations are met.

BAS Preparation

Your Medbookspro bookkeeper will prepare and file your BAS and IAS and ensure that all tax and superannuation obligations are met.

Fraud & Theft Prevention

The in depth knowledge of our Medbookspro bookkeepers enables monitoring of your practice for possible fraud and theft. You are also given personalised advice on fraud and theft prevention measures that reduce the risks in your practice.

At Medical Bookkeeping Professionals, we genuinely care about our clients and we enjoy the work we do.

Contact Us

Please fill in the email form to arrange your free initial bookkeeping overview. Alternatively, phone us on 1300 412 922